SPDR Gold Trust: The Prices Of GLD And SLV To Hit A Stunning $3,620 And $125 Respectively

2013 has proven to be the most unpredictable year for the prices of precious metals. King World News has consolidated the details for the trend in prices of GLD and SLV since 2005 to arrive at the possible stalling price for these two precious metals.

A trajectory indicates that GLD will hit $3,620 an ounce sooner than later. This has been developed in a series of three charts; the first one was developed in a total of 71 weeks, the second one in a total of 77 weeks and the last one in a total of 91 weeks. The first 71 weeks indicated a high of $3,000, $2,880 in the second 77 weeks and finally $3,620 in the final 91 weeks.

On the other hand, the trajectory will see the Price of SLV increase by over 400%. This is highly supported through the trend developed by major asset fund managers given the mathematical pattern studied from 2008 to date. If SLV hits a high of $50 followed by an advance of 150% suggested by the trajectory then the price will hit a record $125.

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