SPDR Gold Trust: GLD Futures Prices To Advance Past The Top Notch Of 2012

Last year, the gold futures that were effect for delivery in February closed at $1,676.50. This was a gain of 1.2% or $19.90. Of course this meant a weak ending to a strong precious metal year which was highly unexpected. This was highly influenced by the November General Elections.

Looking at the trend of GLD since the beginning of the year, there has been a lot of price instability. This has been highly attributed to the withdrawal of stocks at NYSE—a characteristic of the weakening dollar. As more central banks throughout the world continue in the habit of purchasing gold then the Price of GLD will persistently rise.

This means that those with gold futures contracts right now stand to gain. An improvement investment climate has begun to show and most asset fund managers can advise you that the best investment right now is gold. With a projection of the GLD Quote indicating that it would close at $1,900 this year, investors in GLD future will make up to 20% gains.

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