SPDR Gold Trust: GLD Futures Prices To Advance Past The Top Notch Of 2012

It is two months down the line since commencement of the year and investors for the year are already smiling to the bank. This is heavily attributed to the rising Price of SLV.

Only in January, the demand for silver hit 7.5 million ounces. It was evidenced by the US Mint which suspended the sale of 1 ounce bullion coins from American Eagle because they were out of stock within the first two years alone.

As the American Congress debated the debt ceiling and fiscal cliff of the US economy, silver bullions also closed at considerably strong prices on the other end. This came during and shortly after November—the General Elections month which historically records high sales and rising prices of silver.

Even as anxiety about the SLV Quote looms, Rogers, the owner of a very rare 2013 silver coin, says that this is happening because people are so worried about the future. However, he adds that those who are positive about the trend of precious metals immediately after the general election expect huge gains this year.

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