iShares SLV Trust: The Upside Potential Of Silver Is An Indicator Of An Unprecedented Increase In The Price Of SLV

Silver has roughly been operating around $30 per ounce. Using the US CPI Index, asset fund managers have predicted that the price of silver will hit more than $36 given the high of $36 recorded in 1980.

Owing to the growing investor appetite and industrial demand for precious metals, HSBC predicted that the Price ofSLV would rise from $32 to $33 an ounce this year.

However, a survey from some stocks in the market suggests a high mean target price as a result of the solid dividend they are paying. Hecla Mining Company reported an annual dividend yield of 1.83% and a payout ratio of 54.5%.

A report from Silvercorp Metals Inc. indicates that the dividend yield is expected to be 2.46% and a payout ratio of 38.5%.
Owing to the dwindling price of the dollar and poor returns from other industries, the only option for investors is precious metals. With this coming after the US election, it is expected that the Priceof SLV will rally upwards to $50 by 2014.

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