SPDR Gold Trust ETF: GLD Is Still A Great Long Term Investment

A top precious metal analyst with SPDR Gold Trust says that despite the current price of gold, it is still going to thrive at its best in ages. As the US Federal Reserve and many other central banks worldwide start to wind down quantitative easing, as interest rates return to their normal levels and inflation goes down; GLD will hit new highs. This makes it a potential long-term investment with a great yield.

Markets are expecting the long term interest rates to rise when the Federal Reserve stops purchasing treasury bonds (the quantitative easing program) and the unemployment rate falls below 6.5%. This will lead to an increase in the interest rates to the level where they should have been when the Federal Reserve had not done anything.

Other experts are also arguing that what the current GLD Prices are reflecting could be suggesting that there would be no inflation in the next 3 decades. A bullish trend in gold which started to show since late last week could see the GLD Quote hit $1,900 from the current $1,670 an ounce range.

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