iShares Silver Trust: SLV Prices to Increase by 400% In Three Years

Precious metal investors and analysts predict that the value of SLV will increase fourfold within three years.
A renowned asset fund manager for iShares SLV Trust says that the price of silver will hike from $32 to $165 an ounce because of the sustained bullish market. This historic achievement of the SLV Quote will be achieved before the start of 2016.

The forecast has been established from a careful cyclical and technical analysis established from the dramatic bullish run of SLV from $8 in 2008 to $32 an ounce in 2011. On such a well-established mathematical presentation, there is no doubt that the price of silver should have hit $50 by the end of this year.

Even though SLV has proved to be more volatile than gold, it is expected that this bullish trend will definitely make it to outperform GLD. Good economic policies and the reelection of President Obama will definitely play a crucial role in the upward trend of the ETFsilver quote.

Improvement in efficiency and reduction in the cost of mining from precious metal miners will also contribute to this dramatic fourfold increase in the Price of Silver.

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