iShares Silver Trust: SLV Prices To Weaken In The Potential Bull Trap

This does not come as good news to many investors as the CPM Group releases a report which looks on to 2022. The report suggests that silver investors run the risk of being caught up in the bull trap. SLV Prices hit $49 per ounce in April 2011 but this has declined to the trading range of $26 to $36 since September last year.

Silver, as many participants insist, has not performed as it was expected. The strong and increasing price which has been expected during all times of heightened economic risk hasn’t materialized. However, some experts still insist that on the contrary, SLV Prices will increase tremendously. But the report insists that the advancement in the instruments used by the miners in extracting SLV of late mean that the capacity of silver mining in the next 10 years will substantially increase.

The report has strongly warned that investors could be caught in a bull trap. In the beginning of January, the Priceof SLV was always below $30 but this price has significantly increased now. This has reignited a bullish sentiment among some investors. Investors are also demanding silver delivery through banks, future contracts and ETFs. This phenomenon will definitely push SLVPrices higher.

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