GLD Bullion: The GLD And SLV Price Decline Is Not Over

An expert says that those who thought that GLD and SLV prices will stop declining soon are in for a rude shock. This will especially appear as cavalier to precious metal buyers of futures in comparison to "on the spot" buyers.

Since buyers of GLD and SLV and other precious metals have taken buying as an opportunity to create more wealth, a norm which has led to a massive growth in the intrinsic value of precious metals.

Many would have been glad to purchase GLD if the prices stretched to highs of $3,000 or SLV if the price stretched to a high of $100. Of course it is not appealing when compared to price of $1,800 for gold. Looking at the situation from a bird's viewpoint, a bullish trend for the precious metals is imminent. However, the bullish flavor in silver is not too strong.

The major reason cited for the decline in the gold quote and the silver quote is the uncontrolled spending of many governments. If this trend continues, the prices of GLD and SLV will not only continue to fall but also lead to serious economic impacts to various governments.

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