SPDR Gold Trust: The Bullish Trend Of GLD Is Back At A Price Of Over $1,825

Many investors were totally disillusioned last week when gold took a bearish trend and hit lows of $1,615 an ounce. According to some asset fund managers, the fact that the Price of GLD which was forecasted at $1,825 an ounce fell to below $1,615 within six months means that it would get it even lower to $1,550.

However, the Goldman is wrong in this one. The fact remains that despite this pullback in the GLD Quote, gold prices have begun to consolidate at a relatively higher level than previously. This pattern is largely bullish; indicated from the technical pattern that the Price of GLD is forming. This pattern is referred to as the symmetrical triangle.

The last time we saw this pattern in the precious metal market was in 2008/2009. Immediately after that pattern, a series of multi-climbs in the price of gold was seen. The prices of precious metals; particularly gold then almost doubled their price. As such, I tend to think that we are just at the beginning of that cycle and the GLD ETF is headed for a kill.

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iShares SLV Trust: The Backwardation, Correction And Shifts In Perception In The Price Of SLV

Since 2008, silver future contracts have flirted in prices with a great sign of backwardation. This normally occurs when the current month's SLV future contracts tend to command a higher price premium as compared to the futures contracts of the subsequent months.

The corrections in the Price ofSLV expressed a downward trend. And it appears as though SLV is being pushed by a cliff towards the concentrated shorts so that the perception of retail investors can be heavily influenced.

More surprisingly, the downward move in the Priceof SLV does not really seem to convincingly depict a reality in these corrections. This is highly attributed to the fact that the SLV Quote has never been too high. Mutual fund experts say that this price seemed too high to manage the shorts; hence it had to be muscled to a lower one.

However, with the decreasing value of the dollar, the backwardation in ETF SLV will take a U-turn because the investors will tend seek alternative investments which are not directly affected by the dollar—precious metals.

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SPDR GLD Trust: All The Reasons For Optimism In The Price Of GLD As Revealed By Fund Managers

Many investors have been partially startled by the volatility in the prices of GLD and SLV in 2013. However, this is always expected, especially after a US Presidential Election and the current low valuations for the gold miners.

One of the solid reasons for optimism quoted by all the five fund managers is the appealing performance of precious metals a few months after general elections. The fund managers also say that the devaluation of the US dollar as a result of purchase of assets by the Federal Reserve and failure of the Congress to agree on an expenditure cut will boost the Price of GLD.

For the better part of this year, the asset fund managers tend to favor investment in the GLD stocks over bullions. This is attributed to the huge discounts offered despite the rising inflation. This means that the GLDQuote will hit more than $1,700 an ounce.

Gold ETFs have always predicted that gold will hit more than $2,000 per ounce. However, this year it will likely hit $2,000 but not sustain the price to 2014.

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SPDR Gold Trust: GLD And SLV Gain With The Dollar As Oil And Stocks Fall

The Price of GLD increased to $1,584.70 by midday yesterday before falling slightly. However, it closed with a gain of 0.79%. At the same time, the Price of SLV gained by 0.53% to close at $28.88. Overall, both gold and silver quotes rose by slightly over 2% by midday. 

However, a fall in prices in the afternoon led to a decrease in this gain to around 1.5%.
Oil prices remained lower with crude gasoline inventories rising to 4.1 million barrels, distillates fell to about 2.3 million barrels while gasoline stocks fell to 2.9 million barrels.

The current fluctuation in the Gold Quote and the Silver Quote is caused by the efficiency in precious metal mining as a result of using advanced technology. Fluctuation in currencies and the massive purchase of GLD and SLV by central banks throughout the world is likely to see these prices rise significantly. That's why many experts predict that these prices will hit $1,900 at the end of the year!

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GLD Bullion: What Will Make the Prices Of GLD To Hit $1,900

Many seem to find it ridiculous that GLD will hit $1,900! Well, there are several reasons why the price of gold will move from the current range of $1,580 and thereabout to $1,900 an ounce by the end of the year.

One of the potential reasons why GLD will rise tremendously is the weak dollar and the crunch of the global economy. This means that investors in the economy are now trying to put their funds in a good place (GLD) other than the dwindling economy.

A survey indicates that hedge funds especially from Europe and America are investing heavily in GLD. Being the experts; they say that as the bank rates decline sharply, the alternative investment for the large investment groups is in precious metals.

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SPDR Gold Trust ETF: GLD Is Still A Great Long Term Investment

A top precious metal analyst with SPDR Gold Trust says that despite the current price of gold, it is still going to thrive at its best in ages. As the US Federal Reserve and many other central banks worldwide start to wind down quantitative easing, as interest rates return to their normal levels and inflation goes down; GLD will hit new highs. This makes it a potential long-term investment with a great yield.

Markets are expecting the long term interest rates to rise when the Federal Reserve stops purchasing treasury bonds (the quantitative easing program) and the unemployment rate falls below 6.5%. This will lead to an increase in the interest rates to the level where they should have been when the Federal Reserve had not done anything.

Other experts are also arguing that what the current GLD Prices are reflecting could be suggesting that there would be no inflation in the next 3 decades. A bullish trend in gold which started to show since late last week could see the GLD Quote hit $1,900 from the current $1,670 an ounce range.

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iShares Silver Trust: SLV Prices to Increase by 400% In Three Years

Precious metal investors and analysts predict that the value of SLV will increase fourfold within three years.
A renowned asset fund manager for iShares SLV Trust says that the price of silver will hike from $32 to $165 an ounce because of the sustained bullish market. This historic achievement of the SLV Quote will be achieved before the start of 2016.

The forecast has been established from a careful cyclical and technical analysis established from the dramatic bullish run of SLV from $8 in 2008 to $32 an ounce in 2011. On such a well-established mathematical presentation, there is no doubt that the price of silver should have hit $50 by the end of this year.

Even though SLV has proved to be more volatile than gold, it is expected that this bullish trend will definitely make it to outperform GLD. Good economic policies and the reelection of President Obama will definitely play a crucial role in the upward trend of the ETFsilver quote.

Improvement in efficiency and reduction in the cost of mining from precious metal miners will also contribute to this dramatic fourfold increase in the Price of Silver.

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GLD Bullion: The GLD And SLV Price Decline Is Not Over

An expert says that those who thought that GLD and SLV prices will stop declining soon are in for a rude shock. This will especially appear as cavalier to precious metal buyers of futures in comparison to "on the spot" buyers.

Since buyers of GLD and SLV and other precious metals have taken buying as an opportunity to create more wealth, a norm which has led to a massive growth in the intrinsic value of precious metals.

Many would have been glad to purchase GLD if the prices stretched to highs of $3,000 or SLV if the price stretched to a high of $100. Of course it is not appealing when compared to price of $1,800 for gold. Looking at the situation from a bird's viewpoint, a bullish trend for the precious metals is imminent. However, the bullish flavor in silver is not too strong.

The major reason cited for the decline in the gold quote and the silver quote is the uncontrolled spending of many governments. If this trend continues, the prices of GLD and SLV will not only continue to fall but also lead to serious economic impacts to various governments.

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SPDR GLD Trust: Central Bank Bullion Buying ETF GLD In A Record High Quantity In 48 Years

The World Gold Council reported that central banks have added the highest amount of gold reserves for close to half a century over the past one year.

From October to December last year, central banks managed to purchase 534.6 tons, an increase of 17% compared to 2011.

Central banks including Brazil, South Africa, India, Russia, China and others are continuously adding gold to their reserves at alarming rates. And this is happening when several investors are holding the highest amounts of money through exchange traded products backed by gold. The GLD Price bullion gained in the 12th straight year since 2001, averaging to $1,669 per ounce.

Marcus Grubb, Managing Director of Research at the World Gold Council said that this trend of purchasing gold, highly fuelled by developing countries, will get even stronger. And the rising Priceof Gold has resulted from these countries' desire to diversify and avoid over relying on particular currencies such as the euro and the dollar.

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iShares Silver Trust: Weaker SLV Prices And Related Forecast Changes

After a three day losing streak earlier this week, SLV closed the week in style recording a gain of $0.17. The Priceof SLV was $31.12 at the beginning of the week but the huge losses recorded on Wednesday saw the price drop by $0.34 to $30.78. Hence, silver managed to keep its head beyond $31 an ounce.

Part of the weakness in the SLV market was expected because of the Lunar New Year Holiday whose festivities stretched a week long. But investors and expert analysts can’t agree on the aftermath in the SLV Quote because of this weekend’s G20 meeting. A currency war in the countries involved is expected after this meeting.

Experts from iShares SLV Trust said that both gold and silver tend to remain in a partially safe haven bias of liquidation, thus it would take revitalized Eurozone turmoil and softly scheduled data or unimaginable declines in equities to give the investors a fresh trading interest.

Funnily enough, as the prices of both GLD and SLV weaken, most bullish investors still insist that both metals will hit highs of $50 and $1,900 respectively.

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SPDR Gold Trust: GLD ETF Volatility Heads The Mean To $1,900 According To Technical Analysis

Even though it would take close to one and a half years, the GLD Price volatility will see to it that the precious metal hits $1,900 an ounce. Since July last year, the gold futures slated for April delivery have been trading in a range of $200 in New York.

A chief investment officer with SPDR GLD Trust says that the contracting triangle pattern indicating highs and lows is a pointer to the fact that precious metals will rebound in the market with revitalized trading energy.

When a volatility squeeze leads to a breakout then then there will be a big move in the Price of GLD towards the breakout. And this pattern means that the breakout is inevitably imminent.

The April futures shot a high of $1,801 in more than 7 months in early October after reaching a low of $1,596. But early this week, the GLD Price closed at $1,676 for futures in New York. And experts predict that these prices would rise to a high of 13% to land at $1,900 in August this year.

According to Parton, the most attractive GLD futures surged to the all-time high of $1,923 in September last year.

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iShares Silver Trust: SLV Prices To Weaken In The Potential Bull Trap

This does not come as good news to many investors as the CPM Group releases a report which looks on to 2022. The report suggests that silver investors run the risk of being caught up in the bull trap. SLV Prices hit $49 per ounce in April 2011 but this has declined to the trading range of $26 to $36 since September last year.

Silver, as many participants insist, has not performed as it was expected. The strong and increasing price which has been expected during all times of heightened economic risk hasn’t materialized. However, some experts still insist that on the contrary, SLV Prices will increase tremendously. But the report insists that the advancement in the instruments used by the miners in extracting SLV of late mean that the capacity of silver mining in the next 10 years will substantially increase.

The report has strongly warned that investors could be caught in a bull trap. In the beginning of January, the Priceof SLV was always below $30 but this price has significantly increased now. This has reignited a bullish sentiment among some investors. Investors are also demanding silver delivery through banks, future contracts and ETFs. This phenomenon will definitely push SLVPrices higher.

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SPDR Gold Trust: ETF GLD Prices To Hit $1,847 This Year

Experts from GFMS say that GLD Prices will follow an upward trend owing to the US government’s money printing program; quantitative easing, which will propel the prices unstoppably. Compared to last year, this year’s gains have been projected to increase by 35 tons or 1.25%.

Further reports claim that the backtracks experienced in the price of gold in 2012 was an aberration. It was largely contributed to by the loose monetary policy of the US and central bank which aggravated by their continued interest in purchasing GLD.

There are high chances, according to these reports, that this year will be a huge turnaround in gold prices with an average of 6% rise anticipated. Earlier on this month, Gold Investing News revealed that gold bulls could be mightily disappointed given the predictions by particular banks. It is predicted that overall, the average price of gold would be $1,700. 

On the other hand, HSBC predicts a low of $1,666. Such bearish predictions strongly contrast with bullish firms such as Stanley Morgan which predicts an average of $1,853 while Commerzbank predicts $1,950.

Traders stepped in to make bargains yesterday as the Price of GLD hit the highest bar this year; $1,687.40 an ounce. This is an increase of $7.40 compared to Wednesday’s close.

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iShares Silver Trust: SLV Prices Could Remain Bullish Given The Increased Industrial Demand

Since the beginning of the year, SLV has been doing very well in comparison to gold. The prices of silver have risen by over 2.5% in the past one week. This has led to many precious metal traders predicting that SLV Prices are expected to remain extremely bullish in the coming days given the industrial demand which is steadily firming up.

Experts are optimistic that before the year ends, bullish trend of silver will lead to a high of $6,949. This bullish trend will be highly supported by the fact that more than 66% of the silver produced in the world is used for industrial purposes. At the London Metal Exchange, the price of SLV hit $31.29 an ounce, indicating an increase of 0.9%. Since December, spot prices have remained relatively stable between $29.20 and $31.49. Analysts and traders have attributed this kind of volatility to the negligible demand experienced in the market.

An analyst at Geojit Comtrade said that silverprices are not volatile but there is actually no clear direction to where the prices are moving. It is now clear that the equity market is growing steadily and very few investors have turned up to the global equity. But what are long term investors anticipating?

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SPDR Gold Trust: Analysts Divided On The Outlook As Gold Prices Decline Further

Precious metals are deemed weak as the price of gold declined further earlier today. The price fell by 1.3%, equivalent to $22.03. This saw gold sell at $1,664.27 per ounce very early in the morning. Despite a lack of strength in the price of the US dollar, gold subsequently found itself wobbling back $1,672.

On the other hand, SLV totally underperformed GLD as it tumbled by 2.1% or $0.68 in the morning at a very low of $31.62. However, like gold and other sister precious metals, it also regained towards the close of the day to trade at $3,190. As the price of gold advanced slowly in each of the past two weeks, the decline recorded earlier today was brought about by yellow metals towards the midpoint of the whole trading range. However, the gold price still remains slightly over 13% below the all-time high record of $1,923 per ounce.

Contrastingly, analysts at Morgan Stanley actually offered a more constructive and positive view on the gold prices. And even though the firm lowered its earlier 2013 gold price average forecast by 4% to $1,773, the earlier longer term bullish outlook was reiterated.

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iShares Silver Trust: SLV Bulls’ Struggles Continue

Early this week, the losses of SLV pulled the price to below $31, closing at $30.84. This has led to silver struggling to make significant gains in its price. Economic conditions have been stabilizing of late and this has been accompanies by the risk appetite of investor. This has created a desire for liquidation in silver trading.

Since August 15, 1997, reports from CME Group indicated that the stocks of silver with COMEX hit the highest levels. A statement from the firm said that this development will grab the attention of many bears. In addition to that development, this liquidation bug seems that to spread the ETF market will delight all the precious metal bears.

The price of silver experienced an upward push; allowing this precious metal to hit $31.38. Silver had further support yesterday when the GDP of the US declined for the very first time in more than three years. This saw the Price of SLV fuelling up to close at $32.02, recording straight gains of $0.64.

Scotiabank said that the price of silver was just below the usual trend line of $32.23. The statement added that the bank looks forward to change the general outlook of that bullish trend.

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SPDR Gold Trust: Counterintuitive Behavior of GLD & SLV Prices To Continue

Lately, the price of gold and silver has been trading in an undisputedly counterintuitive manner. After the Federal Announcement on December 13, 2012, gold prices turned bullish. At that moment, GLD was trading above $1,700 an ounce but the price of gold has since fallen below that. Late in January this year, the price tried to break above $1,700 but to no avail.

Confirming this counterintuitive pattern of precious metals prices, Grant Williams said that this behavior was heavily influenced by government involvement. The more the level of government involvement; the more the counterintuitive behavior. In normally-functioning markets, there is usually minimal government interference. Since the government is the biggest participant in the bond market means that the natural market forces are actually being corrupted.

GLD and SLV form very thin markets. Hence, it does not require a lot of effort and financial resources to control the direction of these precious metals. However, their prices can be a double-edged sword. Gold and silver markets can easily reach a tipping point beyond which market forces easily overwhelm intervention of any kind. At the moment, the allocation of portfolios for both precious metals is 0.5%.

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SPDR Gold Trust: Gold The Gains and Declines Of Gold

GLD bulls have been seriously tortured by the drip-drip-drip behavior of gold since the beginning of the year. And after dropping for the fourth consecutive month, the price of gold has killed the expectations of some. However, some view this as an opportunity for more jobs to be created especially in the US.

According to Joni Teves, the current fluctuation in prices will not help any GLD expert to come with a clear view of what will happen next. But the market must still wait for a more convincing catalyst to determine the next direction of gold.

By midday today, the Price of GLD rose by 0.1% to $1,665.90 an ounce. Since the beginning of the week, the prices have fluctuated up to 0.4%. Experts say that if this trend continues then there will be a higher level of employment in many countries. However, this may not hold in the long run.

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iShares Silver Trust: Silver Jumps to Near Three-month High

iSilver reports that SLV futures have dramatically jumped to higher levels that have not been achieved since November 6.
A financial report from the US government indicates that the economy had unexpectedly shrunk in the third quarter of last year. This grossly boosted the demand for precious metals. That’s when the Price of SLV started rocketing.

Since the beginning of the year, the price of silver has remained above $31, closing in up to $31.32. The major reason for this improvement has been the string of consistent daily gains accruing from reducing mining costs.

And does that mean that SLV is now not subjected to any market conditions? Well, precious metal experts from SLV ETF say that despite the declining business conditions, the price of silver surged upwards; an indication it has been independent of market conditions since the beginning of this year. It recorded a gain of $0.29 today compared to Monday’s price at $31.03.

While other precious metals in the universe are suffering sharp declines for some weeks now, SLV seems to be enjoying with Reuters suggesting that by the end of today, it would have surpassed the all-time high of 6.1million ounces in trade.

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