Silver Outperforms Gold in the Precious Markets Trends Latest

The precious metals market has been hot in the past but silver has come strongly to outperform gold since the 3rd Quarter of 2012.

Like it performed from July last year, silver outran gold by adding $0.262 to $32.409 while gold lost $6.50 to close at $1,686.30.

The Price of Gold hit $1,693.85 but there is no explanation whatsoever as to why it dropped suddenly. Even though the lowest it ever recorded was $1,626 on January 4th, the fall was predicted from last year. So long as it doesn’t close below $1,663.97, gold is performing well.

On the other hand, the Price of Silver has tremendously risen as the trend can be observed for the last 8 days. It hit the $34.49 mark. And since the beginning of 2013, gold drops by a higher percentage than silver. This trend is expected to continue for some time. So if you’ve not rushed to get SLV then this is the time. However, don’t ignore gold as well because its value will rise unannounced!

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