iShares Silver Trust (SLV) and SPDR Gold Trust (GLD): Gold and Silver Price Drivers

According to Gold and Silver Market Morning, the price of gold pulled back by $18 to $1,667.70 an ounce. Silver traded strongly and closed $31.66 compared to the opening price at $31.69

But after that fall, it is expected that the price of GLD and SLV will rise according to mutual fund managers.

And wow! Federal Reserve’s bond has pushed the balance sheet value to a record $3 trillion which is equivalent to the reserves of China. Since the economy of China doesn’t seem to be taking off well, this has not been received as a positive gesture.

What follows is great uncertainty in the GLD and SLV markets; hence the investor should be very cautious now.

However, silver is enjoying a huge pullback than gold and the prices are far much excellent. In case the upward trend persists as mutual fund managers predict, then it will fly much higher than gold.

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Chart from Kitco