Gold Price Today

Even though I wasn’t born a century ago, I have followed the trends of gold for several decades. And this precious metal has never stopped to overwhelm me.

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The gold high was at around $1,682 as indicated on the graph, an increase of $6.85 from yesterday.
However, the price of GLD was set to be affected earlier today when gold futures declined a great deal after the US House of Representatives voted to suspend the borrowing limit of the country temporarily.

David Lee, the Vice President at Heraeus Precious Metals said in a telephone interview earlier today that there is no incentive in the market for the price of gold to go higher. This came after the price of gold fell by 0.4% to $1,686.70 at 1.45 pm yesterday in New York.

On the Comex, Silver Prices rose by 0.8% to close at $32.439. This was a progressive seventh straight climb as it has been noted in the past 8 days.

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